When Will my Transplanted Hair Grow?

There is one common question in every patient’s mind after the hair transplantation surgery: “When will my transplanted hair grow?” Everyone wants to see the results immediately but the post-op period may be slow and is important. You should give yourself time and be aware of the things that will occur during this period.

The growing pace of the follicles may be dependent on the person, but it takes approximately 6 months to grow.

In addition, the technique which was used in the surgery also affects the growing time. For example, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant method is highly preferred. It is because the FUE technique does not leave any scars behind and the results are permanent.

What will happen during the healing process?

Firstly, do expect some hair to fall out from the transplanted areas about 2 to 4 weeks after your procedure. It is called ‘’shock hair loss’’ period. However, it does not mean that the follicles are damaged and it is expected. They will regrow within about 3 months and they will never fall again.

The other thing you should expect is that scabs will start forming on your scalp. Do not afraid, as this is a very natural reaction of your body and part of the healing process. You need to let them on your head until the scabs go naturally. When they are over, the transplanted hair needs almost 2,5 months in order to take root.

After the first 2 months

During the 2nd and 4th months, new hairs should start growing. As said before; for some patients, their transplanted hairs start growing early in the timeline; for others, they start growing later. However, you should know that because your hair lacks its strength, it may not penetrate the scalp. It is a skin condition named “folliculitis”. It will most likely fade within days but if you are not comfortable, you can see your doctor about it.

At six months, your hair starts to grow and become thicker. You should see 70% of your transplanted hair grown back. Some hair may lack pigmentation but it will gain its pigmentation again.

At nine months you will have more density in the transplanted areas.

Twelve months post-surgery you should see a great improvement.

Generally, the final appearance from the hair transplant is appreciated at 2nd year of the surgery. Some patients may achieve full appearance by the first year. But it is always safe to wait in order to see the full results of the hair transplantation at the 2nd year.

Here is the summary of the hair transplantation growth process divided into periods:

Approximate Growth Patterns

At 3 weeks: Only 10% of transplanted hairs remain on the bald area.

After 3 months: The hairs start to grow.

At 6 months: Around 75 – 80% of expected growth in seen.

At 12-24 months: You can see nearly 100% of expected growth.