What is the Ideal Age for Hair Transplant?

Loss of hair is a common occurrence among many people of different ages. While there are many options for treating hair loss, hair transplant remains to be the most efficient way of treating hair loss problem. Hair loss affects both men and women of different ages. Even people in their early 20s can experience hair loss. Though it starts as early as that, it only becomes severe when one is in his 40s.

So, what is the ideal age for hair transplant? This question forms the basis of discussion here below where the ideal age for hair transplant will be mentioned.

What is the Ideal Age for Hair Transplant?

Though different hair transplant specialists will tell you different answers to this question, majority of them agree that a person should be in his 40s while going for hair transplant. A 40-year old person is quite ready for hair transplant based on a number of factors.

These factors that make 40 years to be considered as the ideal age for hair transplant will be mentioned here below.

Factors that are Considered

Hair Loss Patterns

One of the key considerations in determining the ideal age for hair transplant is the patient’s hair loss patterns. When a hair transplant is done, the implanted hair will not fall out though the native will continue to fall out. Therefore, the hair loss patterns must be estimated for the specialist to make informed decisions. It becomes a bit difficult to study the hair loss patterns of young people and thus it might cause unnaturalness after the hair transplant.

Family Background

Another factor that has to be considered when determining the ideal age for hair transplant is family background. The ideal candidate should not have severe male pattern baldness in their family.

Supply of Donor Hair

The ideal candidate should also have stable supply of donor hair. It should cover the current and future hair loss.

Though the age of above 40 is considered to be for hair transplant, it should not overrule people belonging to other age groups but have fulfilled the requirements in the above mentioned factors. The above mentioned requirements are the base for determining the suitability of a person’s readiness for hair transplant.