Things You Can Do To Prevent Hair Loss

There are many ways to prevent hair loss, but diagnosing and understanding the cause of the hair loss plays the most important role in fighting hair loss effectively. Some solutions are to reduce the amount of hair loss or to cease it temporarily, but some solutions can yield permanent results.

Hair loss in women may be caused after pregnancy and it can return to normal over time. But both for men and women there may be many reasons that may cause hair loss. These causes include but are not limited to, scalp infections, stress, problems related to thyroid hormone, androgenic alopecia or just simple ageing.

A medical expert can diagnose what is the reason behind your hair loss problem and they can offer solutions that will give the best results for you to circumvent hair loss that may turn into baldness later if it is not cured.


A healthy diet rich in proteins may be a great aid for preventing hair loss because the hair follicles are composed of a protein called keratin and some hair loss problems are caused by the lack of sufficient protein in the body. 

Consuming healthy protein sources such as eggs, fish, beans, low-fat milk products, chicken, turkey and hazelnuts will help your body gain the proteins that are needed for growing healthy and dense hair. Mediterranean diet is also known for being rich in vitamins and proteins since it involves a lot of olive oil and fresh green vegetables.

Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are another way to acquire the needed vitamins for having healthy hair follicles. You can get diagnosed by a medical expert and find out what vitamins do you need for fighting your hair loss problem. 

Vitamin A, B, C, D, iron, zinc, selenium and amino acids are known to strengthen and maintain the hair follicles. 

Biotin a.k.a. vitamin H or B7 is another vitamin which also has an important role in the synthesis of fatty acids that prolongs the life cycle of the hair. Lack of biotin can also cause hair loss but it is possible to find biotin supplements if you’re suffering from this problem.


How and how often you wash your hair affects the health of your hair too. If you want to prevent hair loss you should not wash your hair too often and you should not use soap to wash your hair. You can consult a medical expert to find out the most suitable shampoo for your hair.

Avoiding the use of the hairdryer to dry your hair after the shower is another step that you should follow because your hair will have a higher chance to fall if you use the hairdryer on wet hair. Using hair strengtheners and hair tongs are also bad choices if you want to keep your hair healthy.

You should also stop using hair gel, wax, foam or any other chemical product and you should seek natural substitutes of these products because most of them are harmful to your hair and will increase hair loss and baldness.

Proper Hair Care

Taking care of your hair properly will also reduce your risk of hair loss and baldness. For instance, you should comb your hair gently and slowly and you should avoid using combs with too dense dents if you want to avoid hair loss.

How you shape your hair is another important part. Try not to have any hairstyles that will stretch your hair excessively because that can also damage your scalp and your hair follicles which will increase the amount of hair loss

Avoiding Stress

Stress has a huge impact on every single part of our body and our hair is not excluded. Being exposed to situations that cause vast amounts of stress has a high risk of triggering hair loss or baldness. 

Avoiding the stressful environments may be a wise choice if you are suffering from hair loss because if the source of the stress is not terminated, the hair loss will not stop being just another stress source in your life.

Hair Transplant

There are many solutions against hair loss and baldness but they mostly just reduce or slow down the ongoing hair loss process and they are not capable of making new hair grow, therefore they are not permanent solutions. Hair transplant, on the other hand, is a permanent and effective solution to fight hair loss and baldness.

Hair transplant plans are designed uniquely for each client by medical experts and they solve the hair loss and baldness issues permanently. Choosing a trustworthy clinic and following the instructions of your doctor will be the only thing that you need to do if you want to choose this method to end your hair loss problem.