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This is a practice which supports healthier hair growth and healthier skin. It is possible for you to make your hair more resistant against shedding, conserve it and make it look more beautiful, and even to thicken your hair via hair mesotherapy.


Wecarry out ten sessions. On average, these sessions are carried out weekly or biweekly. Outcomes can be seen after the sixth or seventh session. The first outcome is shinier hair. The mesotherapy will revive the hair and increase the hair’s volume. After the ninth session, the degree of hair shedding will normalize and the hair will thicken. With some patients, treatment may continue after the tenth session as maintenance therapy.


What is Hair Mesotherapy?


Hair Mesotherapy is an operation which is performed in order for the follicles to produce healthier and longer lasting hair. The superiority of hair mesotheraphy compared to other traditional drug therapies is that the drugs are applied locally in small doses. The chief advantage of this procedure is that there are no side effects. Furthermore, the outcomes of this operation are generally highly satisfactory.


How Is Hair Mesotherapy Applied?


In hair mesotherapy, the drug mixes that are chosen are applied locally and intradermally in small doses, using a special technique and special injections. The drug reaches the heads of the capillary vessels, which are located in the middle layer of the skin, and will quickly act. The product that is applied carries vitamins, minerals, special proteins and antioxidants, which feed the follicles, and the drugs increase the local blood circulation rates.


What is PRP?


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), which is applied to hair, is an operation of repairing the haired skin and the follicles inside it by using your own materials inside your blood. This method, which takes a short time, can easily be applied and have very successful outcomes. It is also regarded as the one of the most efficient medical treatments against hair loss.


How Is the PRP Applied?


10-20 ml of blood is taken from the patient and is dissociated into red cells by the special methods of centrifuge and microfiltration. After that, from the cells called the platelets or thrombocytes, which play a vital role in the repair of the white cells of the organism, a rich plasmic substance is obtained and this plasmic substance is injected into the hairless area. In the area where the substance is injected, tissue development begins, weak, damaged follicles are repaired and new and strong hair begin to grow.


After a hair transplant operation, some patients are required to have hair mesotheraphy and PRP. The purpose of these practices is to make the transplanted hair stronger and make it grow faster.


At the end of all these practices, the growing time of the hair is shorter compared to the normal growth rate because the hair which grows back will be thicker and stiffer than before.


If you wish, in our center, you can have PRP supported hair transplantation.


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