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Hair transplants can be applied to both men and women via a local anesthesia. It is a surgical operation that offers a conclusive and permanent solution to baldness.


Hair transplantation started in the 1940s. In 1998, with the development of Follicular Unit Extraction, natural and aesthetic hair transplants began to be applied, and this laid the foundation for modern hair transplantation. On the other hand in 2003, the FUE technique was introduced, a technique by which follicles are obtained one by one. After its introduction, the FUE technique became the golden standard of hair transplants.


Our hair transplantation center is currently using the latest technology of FUE.


What is FUE Technique?


Today, hair transplantation, which is applied using the FUE technique, is usually preferred because it offers a natural and pleasing outcome. By using the FUE technique, follicles are obtained without any hair being cut, and a transplant is applied to the parts of the head where there is no hair or where the hair is sparse. Follicles can be obtained from the back of the head (nape) between the ears. If the amount of hair obtained is not sufficient, follicles can be obtained from the back, chest, abdomen or any part of the body. This operation is performed with local anesthesia. In one session with the FUE technique, up to 4,000-4,500 follicles can easily be obtained. It is also possible to exceed these numbers during a Mega Session. You do not feel pain during the operation since a local anesthesia is applied. As the influence of the local anesthesia abates after a day, no painkiller is required.


Since the operation takes 5-6 hours, the entire hair transplant process can be done in one day


Hair transplants can be applied to women as well as men.

In Turkey, due to requirements of the law, hair transplants can only be performed applied, in medical centers and hospitals. Rota Hair Transplantation Center carries out its practice and communications under the umbrella of Universal Aksaray Hospital. All of our operations are carried out under the control of dermatology and plastic surgery experts.


Our center has 19 years of experience.


When it comes to hair transplantation, we are one of the leading centers in Turkey. We strive to offer the best service to our patients coming from all corners of the world.


Our center provides our customers with special shampoos and care serums, which you can use for 4 months for your hair to grow faster and better after the transplant. All of these care products are free.


The cost of your hair transplant is directly related to the area which requires transplantation. If you want information about the cost of your hair transplant and the operation, please send us photos, especially showing the nape or top of your head, revealing the degree of your hair loss. When we have the photos, our experts will evaluate your situation and inform you about the operation and the cost. You can send your photos via the forms available on our website or through mobile texting applications like Whatsapp or Viber.


In our center we have consultants who speak Turkish, Arabic, English, Kurdish, Persian and French. You can contact with us by using any of these languages.