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Eyebrow transplantation is the plantation of the follicles in order to cure the loss of eyebrow hair. Hair transplantation is the most effective way of treating eyebrow hair loss.


Today, eyebrow transplantation is a popular operation, especially among women. Thinning of the eyebrows as a result of plucking the eyebrows with the wrong tweezers, burning the eyebrows, or other traumas may cause someone to want to have an eyebrow transplantation. This process, which is very similar to the hair transplantation, takes a very short time.


Eyebrow transplantation requires more attention as it is carried out at the center of the face, unlike hair transplant. Eyebrow transplants involve a graft, just like hair transplants. Follicles that are obtained from the nape are planted in the eyebrow area. The operation takes approximately 3-4 hours. The convalescence period is one to two days after the operation. It takes a month for the eyebrows that are planted to fully grow in. Grown eyebrows are permanent, and after several months the permanent appearance will be achieved.


After Eyebrow Transplant Operation


After the eyebrow transplant, the newly transplanted hair will grow like the rest of your hair, as it carries the characteristics of the hair. At certain intervals you might have to cut your growing eyebrows. After approximately a year, as the eyebrow area adapts to the blood circulation, the growing will stop and the hair will look like natural eyebrow hair.


Eyebrow transplant is a process which consists of planning, obtaining the concordant follicles and transferring the follicles in the appropriate direction and angle. Therefore, this operation requires vast experience.


At the Rota Hair transplantation center, we carry out all eyebrow transplantation operations under the umbrella of Universal Aksaray Hospital. Transplants take place under the surveillance of dermatology and plastic surgery experts.


Our center has 14 years of experience in this field. We are an expert organization renowned for eyebrow transplantations both in Turkey and around the world.


Cost of eyebrow transplants may vary according to the area which is going to be planted. In order for us to provide you with correct information about both the cost and the operation, you should send us your photos. You can send your photos using the forms on the website or through mobile phone applications like Whatsapp or Viber. Our experts will inform you about the cost and the operation after your photos have been analyzed.


You can contact  us to get more information about the eyebrow transplant. Our consultants, who speak Turkish, Arabic, English, Kurdish, Persian and French, are awaiting your questions.