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Plastic surgery has gained wide spread popularity in the past decade or two. While most of the popularity for this procedure stems from the desirable results of cosmetic or corrective plastic surgery, plastic surgery is not exclusively cosmetic and mostly has medical uses.


The willingness of patients to get surgery done in order to achieve flawless face or body, makes way for newer types of surgery to be introduced to the world with possibly better results than ever before. Turkish plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in the recent times owing to the impressive innovations, high success rates and the finest doctors. Some of the common cosmetic plastic surgery procedures we perform are described below


Breast augmentation and reduction:

Breast augmentation or breast implant surgery are opted by women that have small breast sizes and would prefer having larger breasts by a size or two. While getting breast implants is very popular among celebrities and socialites, it is also very common among the general population that are able to afford the costs associated with it.

Breast reduction is usually done by someone who has a history of back pain or kyphosis due to large over-sized breasts. Because of the large saggy breasts, the chances of getting fungal skin infection due to friction is highly probable.


Buttock augmentation and reduction:

Buttock augmentation is common among people that have smaller butts and would like to have a larger ones as a personal preference.
Buttock reduction is for people who may suffer from social anxiety due to the large size of their buttocks. This surgery provides these women with a much smaller and a tighter buttock.




This type of surgery is for people that want to look their youthful selves as they begin to grow older. Facelifts remove any wrinkles, resulting in a much younger looking skin. People who have lost massive amounts of weight may benefit from this type of surgery as well because it prevents any skin on the face from sagging.


Abdominal lift:


Abdominal lift stops and eliminates any wrinkling and prolapsing of the abdominal area which may have been caused due to child birth, excessive weight loss or old age.


Brow lift or forehead lift:

This surgery is helpful for both men and women suffering from drooping eyebrows that can obstruct their vision. Alternatively, anyone wanting to look younger and rejuvenated may also get this surgery done. Brow lift also removes the appearance of worry lines across one’s forehead.


Ear surgery:

As the name suggests, this surgery reshapes the ears or tucks them in if they are too protruding.


Rhinoplasty or nose job:


Rhinoplasty helps shape the nose and make it more appealing and fitting for the face. While closed rhinoplasty is generally preferred, open rhinoplasty can also be done in severe cases.



For anyone who is obese or over weight, liposuction is the answer. This type of a surgery is performed by sucking the fat out of the patient’s body thus giving them a much leaner appearance.


Laser hair removal:


For most women, this type of a procedure is the answer to their prayers. While many women who suffer from unsightly hair on their faces and bodies are able to get rid of them, the results are temporary and the hair grow back in no time. With laser hair removal it is permanent, and essentially pain free.