Corrective Hair Transplant Operation

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Corrective hair transplant operations are applied to patients who received hair transplantation in another clinic and had bad results.


Most of the hair transplant operations carried out in clinics that are not experienced in the field of hair transplantation and which do not follow the new practices and techniques are bound to fail.


In order to repair these issues, known as the “baby head” or the “grass man,” also known as the “pluggy look” in medical societies, an experienced team must carry out a personal study for the patient and spend double the time they would normally spend on a patient.


With this operation, the hair which was transplanted the wrong way can be retrieved and the issue can be repaired. The hairline which was badly arranged can be made to look much more natural.


Our center applies a great deal of corrective hair transplant operations to many of our patients who suffer from this issue. Thanks to our technological advancements as well as the quality of our team, you can get rid of this problem easily.


Firstly, it is important to send us your photos showing your problem. You will be informed about the procedure after the photos have been analyzed.


In our center we have both men and women consultants who speak Turkish, Arabic, English, Kurdish, Persian and French. You can contact us via any of these languages.