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This is an operation of transplantation of the follicles obtained from the hairy parts of the body to areas where, for any reason, beard or moustache hair does not grow or lessens as a result of shedding, injury or burns.


Sometimes if hormone levels are insufficient, hair in the beard area cannot grow, and the patient may be beardless. In some cases, even if the hair grows, it grows in messy and sparse. Alternatively, large pores and marks on the face may occur. These cases are all troublesome and may negatively affect the individual psychologically.


Beard and moustache transplants can be applied to all healthy men who have no beard at all or who have partly hairless areas where the beard should grow. It is also possible to transplant hair to cover an area where there is a scar.


Apart from beard and moustache transplantation, whiskers transplantations are also carried out.


Following the beard transplant, during the second month, the beard begins to grow, and this growth lasts for one year. A beard that grows never sheds. The result is natural and permanent.


The patient can shave 20-25 days after the beard transplantation without any problems.


10 days after the transplantation, marks of the operation can be seen. But after the marks of the operation disappear, no one will be able to tell that you have had a beard transplant. However, you should abide by the care principles and apply the products that we will offer you for the recovery process.


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Price of Beard and Moustache Transplants


Cost of beard and moustache transplants may vary depending on the area which requires transplantation. If you want any information about the cost and the operation, you can take a picture of yourself and send it to us. Our experts will analyze the picture and will inform you about the cost and the operation. You can send your photos via the forms on our website or through mobile applications like Whatsapp or Viber.


In our center we have both men and women consultants who speak Turkish, Arabic, English, Kurdish, Persian and French. You can contact us via any of these languages.,