More About Us

Why Should I Choose You?

We provide service both in Istanbul and Izmir. We have been in the hair transplantation business since 2000, and we carry out all of our operations under the umbrella of the Universal Aksaray Hospital, a fully fledged hospital. Our patients willingly leave themselves in our care in a sterile, safe environment under the surveillance of expert dermatologists.

We ensure that our patients will have the maximum efficiency by combining years of experience with the latest techniques and devices. Our center has a unique place in Turkey in the field of hair transplantation. We do not receive patients just from Turkey, but also from all the corners of the world. These patients return to their countries happily. What makes us proud is that many of our patients come to our center via references from other patients. This is why we keep our advertisements to a minimum.

We keep the costs of our operations reasonable without affecting our quality. There are many centers offering hair transplantation in Turkey. Some centers try to attract patients by keeping the prices quite low. As a result, the outcome of the operation might be poor quality. Cheap hair transplants, cheap labour, and unfavourable settings may lead to bad results. We often have patients who come to us for corrective hair transplantation, as they had bad results at another clinic before. Subsequent corrective hair transplantations are quite laborious, and sometimes the results of a bad hair transplantation cannot be undone. Hair transplantation should be carried out only once; otherwise, your donor area may get harmed.Top ↑

Quality of Our Team

At the Rota Hair Transplantation Center, we have been providing service in the field of hair transplantation since 2000. We carry out all of our operations under the surveillance of dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Our team, consisting of experts and trained personnel, has carried out many successful operations, including hair, eyebrow, beard and moustache transplants. They even perform corrective hair transplant operations for patients who have had a hair transplant at other centers and were not pleased with the results.Top ↑

Guaranteed Hair Transplantation

Thanks to our years of experience, we ensure that our patients will grow hair. After the operation, we hand out a warranty which we prepare for our patient.

There is no reason why your hair would not grow after the transplant as long as you abide by the instructions indicated on the warranty. Therefore, we decided to hand out a warranty to our patients so they will have peace of mind after the operation. This warranty is a representation of our reliability on paper.Top ↑

Support after the Operation

After the operation, our team is always on hand to give any support they can provide. You can always receive support from us in both written and verbal forms.

Just after the operation, before you leave the hospital, we will explain to you what should be done next. These instructions are also given on paper.
We will give you some special serums and shampoos for your transplanted hair to grow more efficiently. These products are chosen specifically by our dermatologists for your hair structure. These products, which you will be using for 4 months after the operation, will be given to you for free.
With the help of these products, your hair will grow faster and more efficientlyTop ↑