Is Choi Implanter Pen your Best Hair Transplant Option?

Are you planning to undergo a hair transplant? If so, then you must have heard of the Choi Implanter Pen as one of the techniques used in hair transplant. This technique has been used by people to implant hair. But is it the best option that one has when thinking of hair transplant? In getting an appropriate answer to this question, info into this technique will be given and at the tail end give a verdict.

About Choi Implanter Pen

The idea of Choi Implanter Pen originated in Korea. The whole idea is just to make the incision into the recipient site and implantation of the extracted graft into one act. But while this idea makes the process into just a single act, time taken for this procedure is slightly more than the other methods such as FUE.

How does it work?

The Choi implanter, which is a pen-like device, has a hollow needle attached to one of its end. The harvested follicular units are loaded into the implanter pen. Forceps are used to keenly place the graft into the hollow needle, which is at the end of the implanter. The surgeon is then handed the implanter with hair grafts in the needle. The surgeon will then proceed to implant the hair graft into the patient’s scalp at an appropriate angle.

That is the surgical process that people who undertake this process go through. It looks simple but the process is time consuming.


Apart from being time consuming, the Choi Implanter Pen is an expensive technique. Its expensiveness does not even guarantee better results than the popular FUE method.

Furthermore, there are chances of the whole surgery failing if the technician is not well versed with the operation of this instrument. Therefore, the whole surgery is not under the surgeon’s control since he must get assistance from his technician.

Final Verdict:

A combination of features rules out the Choi Implanter Pen technique as an ideal method for your hair transplant. Given the high expectations that one has when going for hair transplant, it is only good to opt for a trusted method like the FUE.