How to Fix your Patchy Beard

Growing beards is an ultimate indicator of masculinity. Men who want to show their masculinity grow their beards to prove that. Beards are loved by both men and women and thus many men would do anything to have beards. One of the challenges that men face when it comes to growing their beards is the bald spot in beard. This is a condition that any man who has beard would want to get rid of very quickly. A patchy beard is not the best of beard a man would like to have. So, how do you fix a patchy beard? The best solution of eliminating bald spot in beard will be discussed.

Beard and Moustache Transplant

Of all the probable solutions to fixing your patchy beard, the beard and moustache transplant is seen as the best option.

This is a surgical process where hair are extracted from donor sites and implanted on your beard and moustache. The amount of hair to be implanted on your beard and moustache is dependent on the extent to which bald spot in beard had reached. If it had covered a large area, then you will need many grafts to cover the whole area.


The transplant gives natural results where hair will start growing on your beards and moustache. Therefore, when going for this option, you should expect natural results. With natural results, you will go around bragging with your beards. There is total elimination of the bald spot in the beard and thus you will restore your lost beauty. After the surgery, there will be no trace of an operation.

At least you now know of the best option to go for when you want to fix your patchy beard. As much as you can, you should avoid methods that have no scientific backing.