Hairline Restoration Surgery

If you want to restore your lost hair, then the hairline restoration surgery would be your best bet. For one reason or the other, you might want to regain your lost hair and thus the need to go for the surgery. The procedure of the surgery will be discussed as well as a view of the benefits gained from this surgical procedure.

About Hairline Restoration Surgery

This is the process of permanently restoring lost hair by implanting new follicles into the balding areas.

The Procedure

The procedure usually takes place in the doctor’s office. The moment you choose to go for a hairline restoration surgery, you should be ready to undergo the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This is the most popular method of performing hairline restoration surgery.

While using the FUE method, the doctor will extract healthy follicles from other parts of your body. Normally, the hair just above your ears will be used. The number of grafts will be dependent on the area of baldness that needs to be covered. The healthy follicles will then be implanted on the bald area.

The surgery usually takes place when you are under anesthetics and hence no pain will be experienced during the process.


After the surgery, results are not seen immediately. Though the implanted hair will be present, you might start losing hair after some weeks. This is quite normal and should not worry you. But after about six months, you will be having long hair that can even be shaved.

Benefits of Hairline Restoration Surgery

Men who opt for hairline restoration surgery enjoy the following benefits:

  • Permanent hair

This procedure provides for you permanent hair. After some time you will even be able to shave your hair as normal.

  • Safe

When you get a good doctor, the process will be safe. You are at no risk when going for this surgical process.

  • Natural Process

The hair implanted on your bald area is from your own body and thus term this process to be natural. The results are also natural since you will have natural hair growing on your scalp.

Get the right solution for your baldness by choosing to undergo hairline restoration surgery.