Hairline Lowering (Forehead Reduction)

Your hairline needs to be proportionate for you to maintain your facial beauty. At times, a large forehead can distort your facial beauty. The solution to this problem can be very simple if you get a good doctor who will see you through a surgical process known as hairline lowering.

What is Hairline Lowering?

Also known as forehead reduction, hairline lowering is a surgical procedure that seeks to restore the facial beauty of a person who has a big forehead.

Unlike what many people think, this procedure does not actually reduce the forehead. It is the location where you hair grows that is moved down. When the location where your hair grows is moved down, the forehead is covered by hair and no one will notice the big forehead anymore.

Who Performs this Procedure?

Being a clinical procedure, a surgical doctor is the most appropriate person to perform this procedure. The Surgeon taking you through this procedure should have the following qualifications:

  • Certified medical doctor
  • Knowledge and passion on aesthetic medicine
  • Experience in hairline lowering.

The Process

The first thing that the surgeon will do after sedating you is to mark the anticipated postoperative hairline prior to surgery. As the patient, you will decide where the new hairline will be tailored. Generally, it is tailored in wavy manner to mimic a natural hairline.

During the surgery, the scalp is advanced to the new hairline after the excess hairline has been excised. The surgery is performed in such a manner that the hair will grow without a notice of the scar.

If you get a good surgeon, you are not likely to develop any complications in the future.


The results usually vary depending on individuals. But generally, the average time of noticing results is around 3-6 months after the surgery. But there are people who see their results just a few weeks after the surgery.