Hair Transplants on Scarred/Burned Skin

Getting your hair burned off in an accident is a tragedy. Just 10 to 15 years ago, victims of burning of the skin were forced to live with visible scars from the burns. Luckily, there has been major breakthroughs in hair transplants for people with scarred or burned skin. Now it is very possible for victims of burns to receive a high-quality head of hair that covers the scars on their scalp.

Years ago, the technology for providing hair transplants to burn victims wasn’t very good. However in the modern day age, the technology is so great that victims can often make the scars completely invisible. What they can do for the scalp of these victims is truly incredible and life-changing for the recipients. Covering up their scarring will greatly help them to recover from the traumatic accident and to start regaining their confidence.

The cost of receiving a hair transplant can be very expensive. A great option is to get the procedure done in other countries. Many countries have expert surgeons that are willing to operate for nearly a quarter of what it will costs in Europe or the United States. A good example of one of these countries is Turkey.

Recovering from this surgery is relatively easy. However, it can be more complicated for burn victims. They may witness pain upon the days and weeks following the surgery. However, overall the procedure is relatively benign.

In the past 10 to 15 years, there has been significant improvement made in hair transplant surgery for victims of scarring. This is great news, and every burn victim that can afford to receive this surgery should do so. The difference in the patient’s looks can be significant. When you get a hair transplant, the scars on your scalp will be completely covered.

There is hope for people that have had extreme scarring on their scalp. A high-quality hair transplant procedure performed by a surgeon who knows what he or she is doing can work wonders on the patient’s hairline. As we mentioned, the surgery is relatively benign, mostly free of complications, and has a high success rate. You can rest assured that if you or a loved one is going through a hair transplant surgery that the success of the procedure is very likely.

We provide a high quality scar repair hair transplant that will make your scars nearly invisible.