Hair Transplant Recovery

Hair transplant came as piece of relief to many people who had hair loss problems. Most people have been opting for hair transplant as a way of treating hair loss problems. The reason why people prefer this method is because it is an effective one in getting rid of baldness.

After the operation, many people are always eager to know what to expect. Patients love to know their recovery timelines after successful hair transplantation.

Recovery and Follow Up

The complexity of the procedure will determine how you feel after the surgery. Your surgeon should be able to prescribe medication that should be used after the surgery. This is because you might experience aching, tightness or throbbing. This discomfort can be easily controlled with the medication prescribed by the doctor.

Bandages only take on day before they are removed. Therefore, if bandages were used to treat hair loss, they will be removed the day after the operation.

During the recovery period, patients are advised to be very gentle while washing the hair. It is only two days after the surgery that you will be advised to start washing your hair.

Stitches that have been used should take at least one week to a maximum of 10 days before being removed. It is important that you consult your surgeon before removing the stitches. This should happen mainly if the stitches are still attached to the scalp and causes pain on attempt to remove them.

During the first three weeks, patients are advised to avoid strenuous exercises. This is because such exercises increases blood flow and may cause bleeding. Sexual activity is also considered a rigorous activity that may cause bleeding. Most surgeons will suggest that you abstain from sex a least for 10 day during the recovery period.

While you are still in the recovery process, you should ensure that you visit your doctor regularly for checkups. This is important in helping the doctor to identify any complication as a result of the surgery. The surgeon might also suggest surgical “touch-up” procedure that will make your hair to look more natural.

How long will you take to fully recover?

The recovery period is dependent on an individual patient. Generally, it takes 3-6 months for natural hair to start growing. During this period, you should observe the above mentioned precautions.