Hair Transplant for a Receding Hairline

Receding hairline is one of the most obvious signs of aging in men. Shortly after puberty, this can affect any man. You don’t need to be too old to start experiencing receding hairline.

A gradual thinning of hair around the temple and forehead ushers in a receding hairline. As it continues, more and more skin is revealed in the head and thus making one to look very aged.

What are the Options for correcting this?

The ideal option for treating receding hairline is going for a hair transplant. A transplant will help men regain full head of hair giving them a youth like feeling.

Hair transplant for a receding hairline is drastic measure that will immediately rectify the problem of receding hairline and make a man look young and handsome once again.

About the Transplant

Just like a normal hair transplant surgery, the hair transplant for a receding hairline involves the FUE method. This method is considered as the best option because it is less invasive.

Grafts from donor site will be implanted on the bald area. The number of grafts needed for transplant is dependent on the extent to which the receding hairline has affected you.

Expected Results

The surgical process should take just a few hours. Again, the number of hours is dependent on the amount of grafts being used.

After the surgery, you should see the results immediately. However, good hair growth in the area will be seen after about three months. Six months after the surgery, the hair should be perfectly integrated.

A good surgeon will ensure that the hair used matches in color and thickness to allow for uniformity.

During the first week or so, you might experience some level of discomfort but it will end. The FUE method used is a safe method and produces natural results. There will be no evidence of a scar on your head. The result will be as natural as it can be.

Therefore, hair transplant for a receding hairline is considered the best option when it comes to treating the problem of receding hairline.