Hair Strengthening Scalp Mesotherapy and PRP Treatment After Hair Transplant

The hair loss happens casually and losing up to 100 hair strands in a day is considered to be a normal amount of hair loss but when a person loses more hair than that, it will make it harder for the new hair to grow and replace the ones that are lost.

When the hair loss is severe and you are looking for a permanent solution to fight hair loss, you can have a hair transplant operation which is performed by taking hair grafts from a donor area and implanting them in a careful and planned manner to the areas where the hair loss occurs.

Treatments such as scalp mesotherapy and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) will make the transplanted hair grow stronger than it does after a hair transplant operation. The hair in the transplanted area falls 2 weeks after the hair transplant operation and the new ones will start to grow 2 months later. It takes 6 months for these newly growing hair strands to gain their total strength. Hair strengthening scalp mesotherapy and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment should be applied 3 months after the hair transplant operation.

What is scalp mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a treatment that is applied by injecting small doses of the needed substances for treating the target condition. When it is applied to the scalp, the injected substances are mostly vitamins, nutritive substances and anti-inflammatory medications but not every patient gets the same substances injected since the doctor first diagnoses the patient and decides what are the substances that the patient needs.

Injecting the needed substances to the scalp of the patient will prevent the hair loss and strengthen the hair follicles on the scalp. Scalp mesotherapy is usually applied once every 7-10 days for 5 sessions and 3 additional treatment sessions which will be done once in a month starts after the first 5 sessions. The patient should attend to all the sessions on the right time to get the most efficient results from the scalp mesotherapy treatment.

What is PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment is a medical application which has been in use since the 1980’s. This treatment is applied for strengthening and nourishing hair follicles on the scalp by drawing blood from the patient and after processing the blood,  injecting it to the area where the hair loss is present.

The application of this process is fairly simple and involves almost no risk because the injected blood belongs to the patient himself. In this treatment, first the blood is drawn from the patient then the platelet-rich plasma is separated from the platelet-poor plasma and red blood cells and then it is injected into the patient’s scalp. This process allows more nutrition for the scalp and the hair follicles. It prolongs the life cycle of the hair follicles and it can be applied to people who does not suffer from hair loss or baldness but they want to strengthen their hair strands and give it more volume. This process can be applied to both men and women.