Goatee Beard Transplant

Goatee is a style of facial hair incorporating hair on a man’s chin and moustache. Men apply this style to improve their facial appearance. This has been boosted with men’s recent desire to enhance their grooming.

Goatee beard transplant may be needed if you don’t have enough hair in the beard area.

How does it work?

The popular FUE method is used in this process. This is the same procedure that is used for hair transplants. It is a minimal invasive procedure that extracts hair follicles from donor area to the goatee area.

The surgeon will locate a sizable amount of hair follicles from ‘stable zone area’ and use it in this region to implant hair.

The final results will be amazing and you will definitely love it. They will not only be amazing but also natural and permanent. It is a walk-in walk-out procedure that is done within a few hours.

Benefits of Goatee Beard Hair Transplant

  • It is cheap: the procedure is quite cheap compared to the aesthetic value that you will get in the long run.
  • Get what you want: you will get exactly what you want so long as you have engaged the right surgeon for the job.
  • Fast: the process does not take so long. As mentioned earlier on, it is a walk-in walk-out procedure that only takes a few hours. If you are on a working day, you will only be needed to take one day off and that’s it.
  • It actually works: there are doubts about the working of this procedure. The FUE technique employed ensures that patients get the best results. The results are natural and permanent. You don’t have to worry about doing the same procedure over and over.
  • Quick recovery: there is quick recovery after the surgery. As a matter of fact, the hair will start growing after two weeks. You therefore will have natural hair growing on the goatee region.

With all these benefits, you definitely would love to improve your facial appearance by going for goatee beard transplant.