Chest Hair Transplant

Body hair transplant is a common medical procedure designed to restore hair to the chest. This is a medical procedure targeting male patients with less hair on the chest area.

For one reason or the other, a man might need to increase hair on the chest area. This is usually a sign of masculinity. Thanks to this body transplant, men have a good medical option to affirm their masculinity.

Donor Hairs

When performing chest hair transplant, the scalp becomes the donor area. Hair from the scalp is used in this medical procedure. The scalp hair grows like normal body hair and has the texture and other characteristics of body hair. The only exception is that they continue to grow as if they are still on the scalp. The result of this is that the hair on the chest will continue to grow. The patient then has to continually trim the hair on monthly basis.

The hair transplant is natural permanent.

Steps taken to assure naturalness

An important factor when performing body hair transplant is to ensure that naturalness is achieved at all cost. The following are the steps taken to ensure that naturalness is achieved:

  • Hairs are transplanted as one and two hair grafts to provide a natural appearance
  • The placement of the hair grafts is conditioned. The grafts are placed at the exact position observing exactness of the angle and direction
  • To minimize scarring, there is use of all-microscopically dissected grafts that can be placed in the smallest incisions possible
  • There is aesthetic distribution of any existing gray hairs into the restored area.

The process should take a few hours to be complete. Once it is done, the results are bound to be permanent and thus men have this as an option to getting hair on the chest. Choosing an experienced surgeon is important for a successful chest hair transplant