Body Hair Transplant

The scalp is the preferred donor area for hair transplantation. However, there are instances where other areas in the body can be used as a source of transplantable hair follicles. In order to accomplish hair restoration goals, the surgeon identifies body areas that will contribute donor hair.

What are the popular Options?

There are several body parts from which hair follicles can be extracted.

One of the most popular body parts from which hair can be harvested is the beard region. Hair harvested from the beards can be used for hair transplantation.

Hair can also be harvested from the chest. Chest hair too, can be used for transplantation.

Any body part that has considerable amount of hair can be a donor area.

Body Hair “Test Procedures”

It is important to note that patients may be subjected to body hair transplant test procedure before embarking on the whole surgical process of hair transplantation. The test is done to determine the suitability of a patient to use Body Hair Transplant as a hair transplant option. Once the test is conducted and the patient is found to be okay with the procedure, the surgeon will then start on hair harvesting.

Method Used

The popular FUE method is used during hair transplant. Hair grafts will be harvested from the donor area in a part of the body. The grafts will then be implanted in your bald region. The hair grafts are implanted one by one. The process might take a few hours but the results are awesome.

The Benefits of Body Hair Transplant

One of the benefits that you will get is the fact that you will be exposed to various donor areas. You can get a lot of hair grafts without necessarily risking shortage of hair in the scalp.

Secondly, the process is safe and you do not risk any danger. A good surgeon using the FUE method will ensure that your safety is guaranteed.

It is greatly beneficial to use this method if your body hair is suitable for transplantation.