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3 Benefits of No Shave FUE Hair Transplant

Loss of hair is a natural thing that affects many people. As soon as people start losing hair, they get worried not knowing what to do. If you are among those people, then worry no more for there is a perfect solution to restore your lost hair. While there are many options for you, the No Shave FUE hair transplant is considered to be among the best. It is the best due to the convincing benefits that you will get. Before looking at the benefits, let’s have a look at the procedure and know what happens when you choose this method to restore your lost hair.

The procedure
The first step is to decide on which region the hair will be harvested. This is done by holding up existing long hairs and then shaves to grade 1 for harvesting.

  • Adequate number of grafts is extracted. Anesthesia is used during graft extraction
  • Release the long air to cover the donor area.

The No Shave FUE hair transplant is only possible if the number of grafts needed do not surpass 1500. Doctors would recommend a complete shave if the number of grafts is higher than 1500.

What are the Benefits of No Shave FUE Hair Transplant?
There are numerous benefits that you will get when you opt for this medical procedure. To be highlighted here below are the top 3 benefits of this method.

  1. Donor Sites Grow Back

One of the benefits that you get for using this method is that the donor areas will grow back. These areas are covered with natural hair even before they grow back.

  1. No Linear Scar

There will be no scar on your scalp when you choose this method. This is unlike the strip method of hair transplant which leaves a scar running across the back of your head.

  1. Difficult to Detect

It is virtually detect that one has undergone a surgery when this method is used. There are no signs of any surgery procedures. You can therefore, enjoy a natural hair without many people asking you where you performed the surgery.

From the above, it is very clear that the No Shave FUE hair transplant offers a good option for those who want to restore their lost hair.

Hairline Restoration Surgery

If you want to restore your lost hair, then the hairline restoration surgery would be your best bet. For one reason or the other, you might want to regain your lost hair and thus the need to go for the surgery. The procedure of the surgery will be discussed as well as a view of the benefits gained from this surgical procedure.

About Hairline Restoration Surgery
This is the process of permanently restoring lost hair by implanting new follicles into the balding areas.

The Procedure
The procedure usually takes place in the doctor’s office. The moment you choose to go for a hairline restoration surgery, you should be ready to undergo the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This is the most popular method of performing hairline restoration surgery.

While using the FUE method, the doctor will extract healthy follicles from other parts of your body. Normally, the hair just above your ears will be used. The number of grafts will be dependent on the area of baldness that needs to be covered. The healthy follicles will then be implanted on the bald area.

The surgery usually takes place when you are under anesthetics and hence no pain will be experienced during the process.

After the surgery, results are not seen immediately. Though the implanted hair will be present, you might start losing hair after some weeks. This is quite normal and should not worry you. But after about six months, you will be having long hair that can even be shaved.

Benefits of Hairline Restoration Surgery

Men who opt for hairline restoration surgery enjoy the following benefits:

  • Permanent hair

This procedure provides for you permanent hair. After some time you will even be able to shave your hair as normal.

  • Safe

When you get a good doctor, the process will be safe. You are at no risk when going for this surgical process.

  • Natural Process

The hair implanted on your bald area is from your own body and thus term this process to be natural. The results are also natural since you will have natural hair growing on your scalp.

Get the right solution for your baldness by choosing to undergo hairline restoration surgery.

Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

Eyebrows are among the body elements that people take for granted. You will only know of their importance when you start losing them. If you lose your eyebrows and fail to do an eyebrow transplant in time, you will attract unnecessary attention towards your face. To avoid the unnecessary attention, you should just opt for an eyebrow transplant.

An eyebrow transplant in Turkey is considered to be very effective in restoring or even adding beauty on one’s face. For whichever the reason you want to perform this surgical process, you should know that you will get the best medical attention in Turkey.

Advanced Method

Eyebrow transplant in Turkey utilizes the latest technology in performing this process. With the highly qualified doctors, you will get a smile back on your face if you had lost your eyebrows. A small amount from above the ear area is used during the transplantation.

The use of natural hair to be transplanted to the eyebrow region is considered to be very effective than the traditional methods such as tattooing and dying.

Benefits of Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

  • Natural Process

Unlike the traditional techniques of tattooing and dying, eyebrow transplant in Turkey uses advance techniques where the hair just above the ear area is used in the eyebrow area.

  • Long Lasting

Another benefit of eyebrow transplant in Turkey is that it is long lasting. The natural hair that has been implanted in the eyebrow region is bound to last for long. Traditional methods are not long lasting since they rely on temporary solutions such as dying which may fade.

  • Cost Effective

The whole process is a cost effective affair. You will save a lot by having an eyebrow transplant in Turkey. The cost effectiveness is seen in two ways;

  1. Low cost of transplantation: the cost of eyebrow transplant in Turkey is relatively cheaper compared to other places.
  2. No maintenance: you will also need not to use money to maintain your eyebrow area. The transplantation is done once and for all.
  • No Risks

There are no risks that you will get for undergoing an eyebrow transplant while in Turkey. The doctors here are very professional in their undertaking and thus provide for safe eyebrow transplantation.

How to Know the Best Hair Transplant in Istanbul

The invention of hair transplant acted as a relief to many people who had lost their hair and could do nothing to get them back. Currently, Istanbul has some of the best hair transplant clinics that help those who want to get back their hair to restore their lost facial appeal. Here below are some of the ways of knowing the best hair transplant in Istanbul.

  • Qualified Doctors

The best hair transplant in Istanbul must have qualified doctors. The surgeons who take patients through the process must:

  • Have relevant academic qualifications for a general physician
  • Be a competent surgeon with interest in aesthetic medicine
  • An experienced surgeon who has successfully performed several hair transplants.


  • Method Used

The best hair transplant in Istanbul only uses the most advanced method of hair transplant. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the most advanced method of performing hair transplant in Istanbul.

  • Safety

Hair transplant is a surgical process that requires high level of keenness to ensure the patient’s safety. The best hair transplant in Istanbul uses safe methods of operation to transplant hair. You can therefore be assured of safety during and after the surgery.

  • Growth of Hair

The whole idea about hair transplant is to make your hair grow. Therefore, the best hair transplant in Istanbul is that which helps your hair to grow. Though there will be initial loss of hair after the transplant, a few months later, the hair should start growing naturally to an extent that you can decide to go for a haircut.

  • Price

One of the reasons why many people come to Istanbul for hair transplant is due to the fair prices offered for this important surgery. Therefore as a tradition, the best hair transplant in Istanbul should be fairly priced.

When looking for hair transplant in Turkey, turn nowhere else but to the best hair transplant in Istanbul. The above mentioned should be your guide to knowing the best clinic in the city.

Beard Transplant in Istanbul


If you desire to have fuller and thicker facial hair should consider going for a beard transplant. As a beard transplant candidate, Istanbul offers the most ideal clinics for beard transplants. A beard transplant in Istanbul has various benefits as highlighted here below.

Benefits of Beard Transplant in Istanbul

  • Specialized Treatment

With a range of specialized doctors, you will get specialized beard transplant. It is important to go the best when seeking this important medical treatment. It is for this reason that we recommend you get beard transplant in Istanbul.

  • Safe Transplant

The specialized treatment ensures that the whole process is safe. Istanbul doctors are experienced in beard transplant. You will therefore enjoy a safe process with no side effects.

  • Appealing Look

After the whole process, you will get an appealing facial look. Beard transplant in Istanbul will make you look young and handsome. There is a guarantee that you will get an appealing look after the beard transplant in Istanbul.

  • Cost Effective

Another benefit that you will get for getting a transplant in Istanbul is the fair price. Here, you will get a fair price for the transplant.

Treatment Procedure

The treatment process begins with a consultation from one of our highly qualified doctors. The consultation is important to help the doctor take note of any medical background that may influence the beard transplant. It is after a comprehensive consultation that one of our doctors will take you through follicular unit extraction (FUE) method to perform the beard transplant.

Using the safe scientific method, the qualified doctor will conduct the transplant successfully. After two weeks, the transplanted facial hair may start to fall. When this happen, you should not be worried for it is just normal. The fallen hair will start to come out after 4-6 months. From there, you will have the option of cutting them or letting them grow.

When thinking of beard transplant, Istanbul should be your first and last stop for you will get personalized treatment from qualified professionals.