Beard Transplant in Istanbul

If you desire to have fuller and thicker facial hair should consider going for a beard transplant. As a beard transplant candidate, Istanbul offers the most ideal clinics for beard transplants. A beard transplant in Istanbul has various benefits as highlighted here below.

Benefits of Beard Transplant in Istanbul

  • Specialized Treatment

With a range of specialized doctors, you will get specialized beard transplant. It is important to go the best when seeking this important medical treatment. It is for this reason that we recommend you get beard transplant in Istanbul.

  • Safe Transplant

The specialized treatment ensures that the whole process is safe. Istanbul doctors are experienced in beard transplant. You will therefore enjoy a safe process with no side effects.

  • Appealing Look

After the whole process, you will get an appealing facial look. Beard transplant in Istanbul will make you look young and handsome. There is a guarantee that you will get an appealing look after the beard transplant in Istanbul.

  • Cost Effective

Another benefit that you will get for getting a transplant in Istanbul is the fair price. Here, you will get a fair price for the transplant.

Treatment Procedure

The treatment process begins with a consultation from one of our highly qualified doctors. The consultation is important to help the doctor take note of any medical background that may influence the beard transplant. It is after a comprehensive consultation that one of our doctors will take you through follicular unit extraction (FUE) method to perform the beard transplant.

Using the safe scientific method, the qualified doctor will conduct the transplant successfully. After two weeks, the transplanted facial hair may start to fall. When this happen, you should not be worried for it is just normal. The fallen hair will start to come out after 4-6 months. From there, you will have the option of cutting them or letting them grow.

When thinking of beard transplant, Istanbul should be your first and last stop for you will get personalized treatment from qualified professionals.