Bad hair Transplant Repair

Hair transplant is an option that any person suffering from hair loss would easily go for. But while it remains a popular option, an improperly done hair transplant could lead to series of unique problems that must be solved.

Problems Seen with Bad Hair Transplants

Some of the problems that may be seen with a bad hair transplant include the following:

  • The grafts may be too large or pluggy
  • Hairline too far forward
  • An excessively broad hairline
  • Hair placed in the wrong direction
  • Scarring donor area
  • Scarring in the recipient area
  • Hair wastage

These are just but a few of the problems that can be seen with bad hair transplant. These problems are usually caused by an inexperienced surgeon who attempts to perform hair transplant.

What is the Solution?

Every problem always has a solution. For bad hair transplant, repair is the ideal solution. More about bad hair transplant repair will be discussed here below.

About Bad Hair Transplant Repair

Once the problems are detected, a repair is imminent. For a repair to be successful, the surgeon performing the repair has to be experienced and creative to avoid further problems. The skills needed in performing bad hair transplant repair are more than those of the original hair transplant. This is because the surgeon is bound to encounter multiple problems that exist simultaneously.

Another perspective that the surgeon must cover is the psychological situation of the patient. After a bad hair transplant, the patient is usually depressed, angry and frustrated. The surgeon therefore needs to restore the patient’s confidence. Apart from just performing surgical procedures, the surgeon must also work to convince the patient that surgery is the best way of restoring lost hair despite the first bad experience.

The surgeon then embarks on the whole process of showing his experience, skills and creativity in correcting the problems.

As mentioned earlier on, this process relies majorly on individual creativity of a surgeon and hence the need to choose the best surgeon available. Otherwise, the problems of your first bad hair transplant can be cleared easily by an experienced surgeon. You should therefore seek bad hair transplant repair to get your hair back in good shape.