Armpit Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is common but armpit hair transplant is not quite popular. When people hear of hair transplant, the only thought that comes to most of them is baldness treatment. Interestingly, there are patients who line up for armpit hair transplant.

What is Armpit Hair Transplant?

This is just another form of hair transplant that is targeting the armpit region. The main aim of this transplant is to ensure that hair in the armpit area is thicker. It sounds a bit unpopular but there are people who can pay thousands to have this procedure performed.

The results of the transplant bring a life-changing gender expression that many men would go for.

Why go for Armpit Hair Transplant?

There are many reasons why men opt for armpit hair transplant.

One of the major reasons is to kill the embarrassment of not having armpit hair. It is natural for men to have armpit hair and lack of it might cause embarrassment. This mostly happens to sportsmen who have their armpits exposed to the public. Even if men shave their armpit hair, complete lack of it causes great embarrassment.

This medical procedure has become a trend. Unlike the older days, this procedure is gaining popularity very fast and many people are getting to clinics for this procedure. As a trend, many men opt for it just to stay on top of the trend.

Some men just have personal preference to have armpit hair. Lack of natural hair in the armpit area therefore causes such men to seek for this option. It is therefore a matter of personal preference.

About Armpit Hair Transplant

This medical process involves transfer of hair follicles from a donor area to the armpit area. The hair follicles used for this procedure are transplanted from the head- specifically above the neck-. Hair grafts are carefully placed on the armpit area one-by-one. This is done to ensure that natural look is achieved.

The Results

The results are very natural and bound to be natural and permanent. The patient will only be tasked with trimming of hair in the armpit area since they will continue to grow as they are on the head. But ultimately, men who previously lacked hair in the armpit region can now have hair using just by going for a simple armpit hair transplant.