FUE Hair Transplants
Conclusive and Permanent Remedy to Baldness in One Day
Hair transplants can be applied to both men and women via local anesthesia. It is a surgical operation which offers a conclusive and permanent remedy to baldness.

Beard & Moustache Transplants
Have a Natural-Looking Beard and Moustache in One Day
This is a hair transplant operation applied to the areas of the face where beard or moustache hairs do not grow as a result of shedding, injury, or burns.

Eyebrow Transplants
Remedy for Eyebrow Loss: FUE Eyebrow Transplantation
Eyebrow transplants are the transplantation of the follicles in order to cure eyebrow hair loss. Eyebrow transplants are the most effective method of treating the loss of eyebrow hair.

Corrective Hair Transplant
We Redesign Your Poorly Transplanted Hair
Corrective hair transplant operations are applied especially to patients who have had their hair transplanted at other centers and had bad results after the operation.

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Hair Transplant Expert:

He founded Rota Hair Transplant Centres in 2000.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Is A Hair Transplant Painful?
Transplantation clinic provides mild sedation to patients in addition to local anesthesia at the donor site and at the implantation site. Read full answer

Are hair transplant results permanent?
Once the procedure is completed and the area has healed, patients experience permanent hair regrowth in a natural manner. Read full answer

Will there be visible scarring in the donor hair area?
There should be minimal or no permanent visible scarring. Any scars remaining will be covered as hair grows, and they will fade over time. Read full answer

More About Us

Hair Transplants in Turkey
Turkey is quickly becoming the number one resource for hair transplants, facial hair, and eyebrow treatments…

Why Should I Choose You?
We have been in the hair transplantation business since 2000, and we carry out all of our operations under the umbrella of the Universal Aksaray Hospital…

Quality of Our Team
We carry out all of our operations under the surveillance of dermatologists and plastic surgeons…

Guaranteed Hair Transplantation
After the operation, we hand out a warranty which we prepare for our patient.This warranty is a representation of our reliability on paper…

Support after the Operation
We will give you some special serums and shampoos for your transplanted hair to grow more efficiently…